To display the mnsX sensor data we have different Connect IQ datafields and applications for each sport (running, cycling, SUP, etc.). Our datafields and application has a little bit complicated display at first sight, that’s why I make guide for each to show you the display and how to use it! 🙂

If you are new with Garmin devices and don’t know how to install a datafield or application, don’t worry you can find a guide/tutorial here.

Our datafields and applications display lot of information, that’s why their memory size are bigger than most of the other Connect IQ application. Each Garmin devices’ datafields/application have different  memory storage capacity, some of them has lack of memory to run our NORMAL datafields and applications.

Below I separate the devices into 2 groups:

  • SUPPORTED: these devices have enough memory to run both datafields and applications, and all of them are TESTED.
  • NOT RECCOMENDED: these devices have lack of memory to run the NORMAL datafields and application, but this isn’t mean they are worse than the others!!! I made a SIMPLE datafield for these devices to use our sensor, but the displayed information is LIMITED.

If you DON’T FIND your devices, doesn’t mean it isn’t supported!!! There are two options:

  • Your devices is older than Forerunner 935. It can be a problem, the older devices has small memory and different screen shape (most of them are not supported at all).
  • Your device hasn’t been TESTED yet by me. I like to recommend only those devices, which I’ve already tested. BUT this doesn’t mean you are not able to use our datafields or application, there is a super high chance you can use it (contact me)!!!
  • If you are planning to buy a new Garmin device but can’t decide which one or you have question about compatibility feel free to write me an e-mail. 🙂

Supported Watches

  • Forerunner 245 music
  • Forerunner 945
  • Fenix 5 plus
  • Fenix 5x
  • Fenix 5x plus

Supported Edges

  • Edge 530

Not Recommended

  • Forerunner 245 (only app)
  • Forerunner 935 (only app)
  • Edge 520 (only app)
  • Edge 520 plus (only app)

Comming soon ! 🙂

Comming soon! 🙂

Comming soon! 🙂