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First Step

Get an mnsX sensor!

Before everything, you need an mnsX sensor to measure the sX(skin reflex) value. With sX measurement you can get an instant feedback of your body’s status and efficiency of your workout during the training.

By the online monitoring of your arobic and anaerobic energy generation, you can see:

  • your warm up status, do you need more warm up or your muscles are ready
  • how efficient is your workout, is it fit for you or do you need a change, even during the training
  • your regeneration status, how much relax-time needs between two rounds during the training
  • how much your body overloaded

Second Step


You need to see the measured data to control your workout.

Thanks to the awesome Garmin Connect IQ we have several datafields which helps you during the trainings. For more information please check the Connect IQ page.

To coaches: we have windows app for tablets, so you can online monitoring your athletes during the training.

We are working on Android and iOS application.

Third Step

Measure intensity!

Next to sX value you need an intensity value to compare them and figure out how your aerobic and anaerobic energy generation are working. The intensity value can be hearth rate, speed or watt. Our system is communicating with ANT+. The HRM chest-strap with ANT+ is fine, but we advise cycling powermeter with ANT+ communication.

For more information about the use of sX and intensity value, please visit our mnsX page.

Fourth Step

Purchase subcription!

With subscription we offer a cloud services:

  • Measured data storage
  • Offline analysis
  • Long distance coaching
  • Own training protocol creation

This list will be expand with more features!:)

Fifth Step

Analyse and plan your own training!

After training you can load up the measured data into our cloud. By using our analyser program, you can go through the training from second to second and check how your aerobic and anaerobic energy generetion responded to the intensity change. (For more information about how the aerobic and anaerobic systems work, please check the mnsX page)

By analysing your training, you can create own training protocols, which is fit for you and your goals.

The analyser program is only avaliable on Windows OS(right now).

Sixth Step

Make your dreams come ture!

If you already have the mnsX sensor, the last thing you need is desperation. No matters you want to be a World Champion or just want to run a marathon within a given time, both professional and amateur athletes can use the sensor on the same way.

By using the mnsX sensor, you are able to maximize the efficiency of every workouts, which helps you to develop faster and make your dreams come true.

Seventh Step

Send it to your coach!

If you load up the data into our cloud, you are able to give access to anybody. Your coach doesn’t need to sit next to you, or be in the same city or the same continent. If she/he has internet connection, she/he can check your training’s data everywhere in the world.

Last Step

Follow us!

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If you have more question please check the mnsX page. If you didn’t find answer feel free to write me an e-mail. In the furute I’m going to start a forum, where the most frequenlty questions will be answered and also you can share your experiences. 🙂

Are you interested?